Eye Sight

If unfortunately a man is deprived of this blessing the efficiency of all other limbs is affected.
Statistics collected by various institutions of the world show that the ratio of blindness in the world and particularly in Pakistan is increasing to a dangerous extent.
According to careful estimates the number of people in Pakistan, who have been deprived of their eye sight, runs into million. It is nothing short of a national calamity. No one can deny the fact that partially or completely blind people have to face many social problems. But every blind person cannot afford to meet the financial burden involved in the treatment of his/her blindness. Consequently the poor and resource less persons accept the disability of blindness. Consequently the poor destiny. Haji Murad Eye Hospital is a humble contribution in this context.

The idea of the hospital was conceived by Haji Murad Ali for the service of suffering humanity and implemented with the help and co-operation of his brothers, friends and well wishers by their generous contribution. This great and noble idea was given concrete shape by serving different kinds of eye patients round the clock, the patients range from the richest to the poorest.

Basically the object of setting up this hospital was to serve the poor, the helpless and the resource less who cannot afford costly eye treatment. It was the heartfelt desire of the trustees to provide totally free treatment to the poor at the VIP level. In our country, when the poor suffer from such diseases, their suffering becomes twofold. Firstly they suffer physically from the disease and secondly they suffer mentally when they cannot afford the treatment. The case with the rich is quite different. If they cannot get proper treatment in Pakistan they go abroad for the same.

Keeping in mind this plight of the poor people and inspired by the eternal and undying desire of man to serve the suffering fellow beings the hospital was planned on 23rd Feb. 1978 under the supervision of Haji Murad Ali. The foundation stone of Haji Murad Trust Eye Hospital was laid on Monday, 28th February 1980 by Maryam Bibi, the most respectable and pious mother of Haji Murad Ali. Despite unimaginable and huge financial difficulties, the building of the hospital was completed in August 1982.

On 1st September 1982, the opening ceremony was also performed by late respectable Maryam Bibi (May her soul rest in peace).

The system of the hospital is totally based on non profitability. Not a single Trustee of the hospital receives any kind of pay or remuneration or has any financial interest except the notion of serving the patients. Even tea and entertainment served to guest and visitors, is paid by the trustees from their own pocket. The whole hospital and every moveable or immoveable property of the hospital is the property of the nation and the country.

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