Liquid Slurry product faclility was established in 2016. Grinding the liquid slurry of calcium carbonate with water in the desired fineness is obtained. Calcite is usually water-based uses in the manufacture of paper and paint industry for customers in the manufacturing takes place in the intricacies of 1-5 microns. The slurry is produced from carefully selected material ore of high-quality and high-whiteness using our originally de-veloped, unique grinding technology in order to maintain the stable high quality. Using higher level in coat-ing color formulation allows high speed coating with high solid, which makes it possible to produce higher gloss and higher whiteness coated paper. Special calcium carbonate powder whose surface has cationic charge. The powder has a steep particle size distribution, and is optimum for reinforcing PVC and olefin products. The nucleating agent grade and the antistatic grade are also available.

Product Description

Especial fillers dispersed mechanically to give very fine particle size 2 to 5 microns which helps ultimately to increase the hiding and gives very high quality finish.


  • Clean working environment, no dusty atmosphere.
  • Minimum losses.
  • Saving of energy because it is already dispersed.
  • Signifrequently reduces processing time. Ultimately low energy cost.
  • Less product packaging waste because it is supplied in liquid in bulk.
  • You need less manpower.

Technical Information


White Liquid.

Generic Type

Calcium carbonate.


70 % + 2

Thinner / cleaner

Clean water

Weight / Litre

1.75– 1.78.

Flash Point


Packing size

200 KGS DRUM, one Mt (1000 kgs to 1700 kegs’ & Tanker)


Slurry is always used to replace the calcium carbonate extender. It will be used on solid basis. For example you are using 30 kgs in powder form in 100 kgs paint. So it will be replaced with by using 42.84 kgs slurry based on solids. In 100 kgs of paint. this slurry contains 30 kgs calcium carbonate and 12.84 kgs water. So with slurry you have to reduce water quantity accordingly.


To start with , take water and slurry in the batch processing tank, add thickener and under mixing keep on adding other materials powders and additives. Once materials are dispersed, start the addition of PVA/ Acrylic. Try to add coalescing agents at the end.


The product should be kept in ventilated place, protected from heat and direct sunlight. TheContainers must be kept tightly closed.

Shelf Life

Less than seven days.

Health and Safety

Ensure proper ventilation during application and drying of paint. Avoid inhalation of paint mist and vapours and skin contact. Spillage of paint on skin should immediately be removed with suitable Cleanser soap and water. Eyes should be well flushed with water and immediate medical attention should be sought.

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